Invited Speakers

  1. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, (Medical University of Vienna, Austria).

Title: Fuzzy Methods in Medical Research and Patient Care—in Memoriam Lotfi A. Zadeh” and “Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Decision Support”

  1. K. Hirota (BIT, China)

Title: Multiagent Smart Communication based on Computational Intelligence  technology

  1. Vladik Kreinovich (UTEP, USA)

Tentative title: Applications of interval computations to expert systems and intelligent control.

  1. Walter Koller, (Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General hospital, Austria).

Title: Artificial intelligence in infection control.

  1. Yu-Chuan Li (College of Medical Science and Technology, Taipei) 

Title: Usability and learnability evaluation of the disease evolution and outcome (DEO) diagram

  1. Anh Nguyen (Auburn University, USA)

Title: “AI Neuroscience: Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks”​

  1. Junzo Watada, (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, Japan).

Title: “Sensitivity-based Portfolio Selection for Fuzzy Index Tracking”

  1. M. Sugeno (Japan)

Title: Semantic Reasoning – from Mathematical Logic to Grammatical Logic


January 7, 2020: One day Halong Bay Tour, Vietnam. Halong Bay is one of  the most beautiful places in the word.

    • – Free of charge for invited speakers.
    • – Other participants can join Halong Bay Tour: contact the local organizer.