Invited Speakers

1. Hung T. Nguyen (USA, Thailand)

Tentative title: Fuzzy Mathematics – a foundation for modeling intelligent systems

2. Vladik Kreinovich (UTEP, USA)

Tentative title: Applications of interval computations to expert systems and intelligent control

3. M. Sugeno (Japan)

Tentative title: Fuzzy systems theory and its applications

4. K. Hirota (BIT, China)

Title: Multiagent Smart Communication based on CI technology

5. Yu-Chuan Li (College of Medical Science and Technology, Taipei) 

Tentative title: Neural network modeling for surgical decisions on traumatic brain injury patients

6. Koichi Yamada (Graduate Shool of Engineering, Japan). 

Tentative title: Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery under Uncertainty

7. Junzo Watada, (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, Japan).

Title: A Fuzzy Index Tracking Multi-Objective Approach to Stock Data Analytics

8. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, (Medical University of Vienna, Austria).

Title: Fuzzy Methods in Medical Research and Patient Care—in Memoriam Lotfi A. Zadeh” and “Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Decision Support”

9. Walter Koller, (Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General hospital, Austria).

Title: Artificial intelligence in infection control

10. Anh Nguyen (Auburn University, USA)

Tentative title: AI Neuroscience: Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks

11. Bui Cong Cuong (Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam)

Title: “Some main logic operatiors on Pythagorean Picture Fuzzy Sets”​


January 7, 2020: One day Halong Bay Tour, Vietnam. Halong Bay is one of  the most beautiful places in the word.

    • – Free of charge for invited speakers.
    • – Other participants can join Halong Bay Tour: contact the local organizer.